One or two doses of vaccine? Trod to find out

One or two doses of vaccine? Trod to find out
One or two doses of vaccine? Trod to find out

Do you really need to receive two doses of the Covid vaccine? A rapid serological test will give you the answer. While the vaccination campaign will open to adolescents aged 12 to 18 from June 15, health authorities are trying to find ways to save doses. In a notice published Thursday, June 3, 2021, The High Authority for Health (HAS) indicates that the use of Trod (rapid diagnostic orientation test), would make it possible to achieve this, by screening people who have been infected with the virus without knowing.

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, announced that the vaccination centers would be equipped in June with these tests “to detect the presence of antibodies”. If so, “one dose will suffice”. It would therefore be possible to vaccinate more people.

Trod: how does it work?

These Trods will only be offered to French people coming to receive their first dose of vaccine. To find out if they need a single dose or two, they will do a blood test 15 minutes before their first injection. A drop of blood will be taken from the patient’s fingertip. 15 minutes are enough to obtain the result. Is this positive? This then means that the person tested has antibodies against Covid-19 and has therefore already been infected with the virus. The second vaccination appointment will then be canceled and the person will be considered fully vaccinated.

According to the Institut Pasteur, 23% of the population of metropolitan France has already had Covid-19, while only 8% have been detected via a PCR or antigen test.

What will their use change? What about their price?


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