MS’ossible, a day to talk about multiple sclerosis – moroccan ladies

MS’ossible, a day to talk about multiple sclerosis – moroccan ladies
MS’ossible, a day to talk about multiple sclerosis – moroccan ladies

On the occasion of International Multiple Sclerosis Day, Sunday May 30, the Moroccan Multiple Sclerosis Society (SMASEP), with the support of the Roche Laboratory, organized a day under the theme “SEP’ossible”.

Alongside the Roche Laboratory, the Moroccan Society of Multiple Sclerosis (SMASEP) organized a day called “SEP’ossible” on the occasion of International Multiple Sclerosis Day on Sunday May 30th. This day, which was held at the Cheikh Khalil school in Casablanca-Oasis, brought together around fifty doctors and patients with multiple sclerosis, with the aim of raising awareness about the disease and connecting the ‘all the communities that support and watch over people with the disease. “SEP’ossible” is therefore a message of hope for patients with MS, as the organizers put forward in a press release. Inspirational testimonials showing that it is possible to lead your personal and professional life even with MS, animated this day. During this event, Prof. Ilham Slassi, professor of neurology, and Prof. Fatima Lmidmani, professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, notably discussed the new perspectives in the management of MS and the compatibility between sport and MS. Other subjects have also been treated such as the management of the disease or the importance of a healthy and balanced diet to reduce the importance of inflammation during flare-ups.

As a reminder, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease affecting the central nervous system. It manifests itself through multiple symptoms, particularly in the motor skills of the upper and / or lower limbs, affecting walking and begins at an age when the majority of patients are building their personal and professional life project, as described by the organizers. The disease has a very strong impact, not only on the physical level, but also psychic, relational and professional.



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