14 Reunionese died of Covid in the space of 7 days

14 Reunionese died of Covid in the space of 7 days
14 Reunionese died of Covid in the space of 7 days

· 1,163 cases are classified as indigenous,
1 case is classified as secondary indigenous,
8 cases are classified imported,
· 2 cases are classified imported under EVASAN.

From May 22 to May 28, 1,438 tests were screened to identify a variant strain. Of these 1,438 tests, there are 1,032 cases of COVID variants (1,015 South African or Brazilian and 17 British), a proportion of 72% which remains stable (73% the previous week).

take in account the 23 636 healings and 203 deaths since the start of the health crisis, 2 236 cases are still active to this day.

26,075 cases were investigated to date by ARS, Public Health France and Health Insurance, 93.2% of which are indigenous cases.

At 1is June 2021, 39 clusters are active and 257 fenced. Among the active clusters, we note:

– 11 with high criticality: Le Port (3), in Saint André (1), Saint-Denis (1), Saint-Louis (1), and Saint-Paul (5).

– 14 moderately critical clusters: Le Port (5), in Saint-André (3), Saint-Benoît (1), Saint-Denis (3), Saint-Louis (1), and Saint-Paul (1).

These clusters are developing in particular within nursing homes and professional circles: protocols must be strictly applied and professionals are encouraged to be vaccinated to protect their patients and users. Beyond the clusters, the chains of contamination are very numerous within the framework of festive and family gatherings: even in his private life, even with his relatives, it is essential to maintain the respect of barrier gestures.

Regarding the other indicators, it should be noted:

– A decreasing test positivity rate to 5,4 %, which is always above the vigilance threshold (5%). The situation remains stable for the positivity rate in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.

– A number of screenings which increased by 5.7% with 25,430 tests carried out (against 24,069 tests the previous week).

– An increase in the incidence rate among 0-14 year olds: + 15% (93/100 000),

– A decrease in the incidence rate in other age groups:
– among 15-24 year olds: – 2.3% (211/100 000),
– among 25-34 year olds: – 7.5% (217/100 000),
In the 35-44 age group: – 3% (202/100 000),
In the 44-64 age group: – 13.9% (164/100 000),
At 65 years and over: -22.5% (113/100 000),
· Among those over 75: – 16.7% (101/100 000).

As of June 1, 36 intensive care beds were occupied by patients positive for Covid-19 out of the 117 intensive care beds recorded in Reunion Island.

The virus continues to circulate in Reunion : let us remain vigilant on a daily basis and in all circumstances: apply barrier gestures, limit social contacts, respect the curfew measure.

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