soon tests before the vaccine?

soon tests before the vaccine?
soon tests before the vaccine?

The High authority health (HAS) consider having tests done before immunization against Covid-19. “Now all the results converge to say that if you have been infected with Covid-19, you have good immunity that has been put in place”, indicates the doctor and journalist Damien Mascret, on the 20 Hours plateau, Monday May 31.

The latter cites a recent study which specifies that out of 393 convalescents, there is an antibody rate of 97%, 11 to 13 months after infection. Why test before the vaccine? “Maybe the idea is to make fewer vaccines. If your serological test (…) is positive, there is no doubt, that means that you have the immunological scar (…) in this case, you will only need one dose “, indicates the doctor.

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