Rejuvenating by 3 years in 8 weeks is possible!

The fountain of Youth has it just been discovered? Volunteers saw their biological age decrease by 3 years after having followed 8 weeks of a “natural” program including exercise, meditation, sleep, diet, relaxation and food supplements. ” We were surprised at the magnitude of the reduction in age over such a short period », Testifies Kara N. Fitzgerald, of the Institute of Functional Medicine in Washington and principal author of the study published in the journal Aging.

The study, conducted among 43 men, aged 50 to 72, calculated the biological age of participants before and after the experiment based on DNA methylation method, also called “epigenetic age”. The latter would be a more reliable indicator than chronological age for predicting an individual’s mortality. The program was designed on the basis of previous research, which showed the influence of diet or way of life on epigenetic age. But these are disparate studies on a specific point (supplementation in vitamin D, practice of tai-chi…). Here, the researchers wanted to verify whether the effects were cumulative with a multimodal program. The latter is based in particular on a diet based on lean meat and poisson, fruit and vegetable powder supplements, breathing exercises, 30 minutes of moderate exercise once a day, and a recommendation of 7 hours of sleep per day.

However, this wonderful result presents several limits. First, the sample is small and consists only of middle-aged men. It is also impossible to know what would happen if this program were extended over the longer term: one can think that the rejuvenation would not be eternal! Above all, this study confirms that a healthy lifestyle ensures a life expectancy longer than living in the stress, sprawled out on a couch eating crisps.


Rejuvenating years weeks

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