no, there is no increase in stroke linked to vaccines

A video has been running and returning on social networks since mid-May. We see a firefighter dressed in a professional sweater, explaining to the camera of his phone that he had just dropped off a 71-year-old woman at Saint-Joseph Saint-Luc hospital in Lyon, for a suspicion of stroke.

The firefighter then explains that this person has been vaccinated and that since 15 days there are many cases of this kind and that a nurse from the hospital has confirmed to him the relationship between vaccination and stroke but that it does not go back, “nobody talks about it”.

And no one will talk about it anymore because this statement is false. Contacted by several media, Release, The world or LCI, the Saint Joseph Saint Luc hospital ensures thatno increase in strokes has been observed since the start of the vaccination campaign and there is no cause and effect link between the vaccine and possible stroke. The words of this firefighter are only his own. The National Medicines Agency, which studies the adverse effects of drugs, gives more general figures. For AstraZeneca, Janssen, Pfizer and Moderna, the various stroke reactions are classified as very rare.

The profile of the firefighter questions

On the video, this firefighter says he does not want to sink into conspiracy theories. Yet many media have spotted that he had expressed his “doubts” about the vaccination against Covid-19 during a public meeting organized by videoconference by the deputy of the Rhône, Thomas Gassilloud. In this exchange, which can be found on the elected official’s Facebook page, the firefighter expresses his skepticism about the vaccine against Covid-19 and clearly deplores that the government “encourages people to be vaccinated”. This same firefighter launched a petition against the health pass, addressed to his deputy.

Contacted by the newspaper Progress, the South union ensures that the author of this video was overwhelmed by the magnitude taken by this image which was not intended to be disseminated to the general public but in a Whatsapp exchange between firefighters. Contacted, the Departmental-Metropolitan Emergency Fire Service (SDMIS) of the Rhône explains to Release that this firefighter was in no way supported by his hierarchy.

Establishing a link between an effect and a drug on a very large population requires a great rigor of investigation, which cannot be based on unverified testimony or personal observation. Side effects on vaccines are the subject of investigations by the ANSM and the regional pharmacovigilance centers of France on thousands of people. And rarely from a video on social media. Therefore mistrust before sharing.

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