suffering from lung cancer, she participates in a clip to play down the disease

The clip is broadcast on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, this Monday, May 31, but Marie, at 62, does not have “smoker’s cancer”. She did share a few cigarettes in her teenage years, but quickly lost interest:

As far as I am concerned, it is a genetic cancer, the alteration of a gene that notably develops breast cancer. I thus lost my sister, my mother and my grandmother. And when cancer does grow, it can mutate elsewhere, which I do. Anyway, the objective of the clip was not to stigmatize smokers, to give lessons, but on the contrary to say that it can affect everyone. “

Marie is battling her fourth cancer today. The first, breast cancer, developed in 2000, when she was only 39 years old. Almost 15 years later, it is lung cancer this time that will be detected.

“I took it like a slap in the face, lung cancer had for me a very deadly connotation. The sky fell on me, as for my family. At the time, immunotherapy did not exist not yet. But I was able to benefit from surgery and chemotherapy support which enabled me to get out of it. “

A big breakthrough with immunotherapy

Barely a year later, it is breast cancer that resurfaces and today Marie is fighting against a recurrence of pulmonary cancer, which appeared at the end of 2020. Every three weeks, she must go to the CHRU of Tours to follow a new treatment:

“I have a duplicate treatment, they put me on a drip for chemotherapy and immunotherapy, which allow me to fight and not let the cancer cells reinstall. Today we have patients undergoing treatment with immunotherapy since then. 5 years, who are still there and who are going well. It is a considerable advance in research. After the injection of the products, I am a little knocked out for a week, but the following ones, I am well and I live like everything the world. It’s very important to keep our spirits up, we’re a bit of the “warriors”, even if there are blues. “

This time, however, Marie felt the need to talk to other patients and did some research on the internet.

“I was looking for a little support, it is not always easy with relatives. Friends and family live in fear. It is easier to share hard times with people who are going through the same experience. gives tips, and we laugh a lot too! I registered on patientsenré, and in the lung cancer group, I met absolutely wonderful people, all sick but who keep fishing, we can exchange information and support each other. “

On this network, the idea of ​​making a clip was born to show that we can live well today with lung cancer, that there are treatments. Spread a positive message and lift taboos …

On the clip, the Tourangelle Marie hid behind a “life is beautiful” card

© Youtube screenshot

Among us, there is a musician, Gérard, who took the leap by saying that it was quite feasible.e, resumes Marie. We began, from a distance, to collectively write the lyrics and Gérard composed the music with his team of musicians. In three months, everything was folded, we each sent our videos and the clip was edited. Today we are proud of the result. “

The clip has just been posted online for World No Tobacco Day.

“However, we wanted to get the message across that lung cancer is not just the problem of smokers, even if, of course, tobacco is an aggravating factor. Today, research is such that things are progressing well, l “Immunotherapy allows many of us to have a near-normal quality of life. Chronic disease more than aggravated cancer. We are a bunch of deeply joyful people, who love life and benefit from their families.”

Former director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Indre-et-Loire, Marie took a slightly early retirement to be able to follow her treatments. But today, she shows impressive energy and optimism. She enjoys life, her family and especially her two sons, now in their thirties. She hopes to become a grandmother very soon …

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