A new gene responsible for diabetes discovered in Lyon

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By means of a press release, the Hospices Civils de Lyon indicate, Wednesday, October 27, that they have discovered a new gene responsible for diabetes in humans. A major advance in the understanding of the disease.

The Hospices Civils de Lyon announced (HCL), Wednesday, October 27, to have identified a new gene determining in the development of diabetes. A discovery obtained thanks to Prof. Marc Nicollino from HCL with the help of Cécile Julier from INSERM.

A family from Lyon comprising many subjects with several forms of diabetes was recruited and explored clinically in the department of endocrinology and pediatric diabetology and hereditary diseases of HCL. “The service takes care of all endocrine and metabolic pathologies in children and adolescents and common pediatric illnesses. It is the seat of two national reference centers coordinating rare diseases. It is part of the Integrated Center for Obesity. It is the center of expertise for all rare endocrine pathologies. », Indicated the HCL.

Better understanding of the disease

The observation and the genetic analyzes carried out led to the identification of the gene responsible ONECUT1 (One Cut Homeobox 1) – otherwise known as HNF6 (Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 6) – which makes it possible to better understand the physio-pathological mechanisms of diabetes. Ultimately, this discovery will make it possible to optimize diagnostic strategies and to offer precision medicine with the personalization of the most suitable treatments.


gene responsible diabetes discovered Lyon

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