Prevention – HUG screen for prostate and testicular cancer free of charge

Prevention – HUG screen for prostate and testicular cancer free of charge
Prevention – HUG screen for prostate and testicular cancer free of charge

The HUG screen for free prostate and testicular cancer

A few consultations on registration will take place at the HUG in November, the month dedicated to this disease.

Marianne Grosjean

Posted today at 9:03 p.m.

Did you know? November is prostate and testicular cancer month. To remind men to take care of their health, the Huniversity hospitals by GonEve offer free testicular palpations and rectal examinations every Friday in November between 9 h and 15 h 30, in the context of individual consultations. In total, some 52 consultations intended to the first registered.

On the menu for these 30 minutes, a “discussion of the patient’s history and state of health, a physical examination, a measure ofu weight and blood pressure», details a press release. But a «testicular palpation and digital rectal examination» will also be carried out, «whene indicated», we specify.

6,100 new cases detected per year in Switzerland

For to convince, the HUG recall that «Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer in Switzerland and the second most common in the world. Each year, around 6,100 new cases are detected in our country. It mainly affects men over 70 years. If testicular cancer is less common, since there are around 470 new cases each year in Switzerland, it affects younger men. Eight out of ten patients thus have less than 50 years at time of diagnosis», we still read.

Even though treatments for these cancers are improving, a early detection contributes to a better prognosis. Gold, «men are not used to regular check-ups and these diseases are often detected late», note the HUG. This is why, in parallel with these 52 free consultations an November, they recommend that all men «take care of their health».

Marianne Grosjean is a journalist for the Geneva section specializing in social issues. Previously, she worked for 4 years in literary criticism. She received a distinction at the Swiss Press awards 2019 online category, for the traveling longform “Compostela takes two wings”.

Posted today at 9:03 p.m.

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