Sexually transmitted ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria believed to spread in England

His symptoms are enough to make you shudder. A sexually transmitted disease that has appeared in England has the consequence of attacking the skin of its carrier, at the level of the groin, causing it to decompose dangerously.

Dr Shree Datta, presented by The Sun as an obstetric consultant and gynecologist at the MyHealthcare clinic in London, warned that donovanosis, usually found in parts of Brazil, India or New Guinea, would spread slowly in England, even if the number of cases is still very low (around thirty before the Covid epidemic, around twenty since).

Also known as klebsiella granulomatis, this STD mainly affects men. “The first signs are bumps around the genitals or anus that increase in size and take on a red, swollen appearance. These can develop into ulcers which, without treatment, can become infected, which can lead to pain and an unpleasant odor, ”explains the scientist.

Risk factor for the transmission of AIDS

If it can be treated with antibiotics, the infection sometimes becomes severe, which can “lead to permanent scarring and damage to the genitals, as well as irreversible discoloration and even swelling,” warns Dr Shree Datta. It also warns that the disease is a risk factor for the transmission of HIV, the virus responsible for AIDS.

Symptoms appear within a month of having sex (or the time of skin-to-skin contact). Using contraception, such as condoms, greatly reduces the risk of infection, she warned.


Sexually transmitted flesheating bacteria believed spread England

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