Faced with the risks, “there is no choice between vaccine against Covid-19 and vaccine against influenza” according to ARS Occitanie

The seasonal flu vaccination campaign has just been launched in Occitania. Despite an increase of eight points in 2020, the influenza vaccine coverage is not sufficient according to the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Occitanie. She calls on vulnerable populations to be vaccinated, especially in these times of health crisis. “The risks of influenza must not be added to those of Covid-19,” said Jean-Michel Bruel, president of France Assos Santé Occitanie, during a press conference, this Monday, October 25, 2021 During the discussions, the health professionals present also stressed that “little data on simultaneous infections has been collected”.

But they add: “the Covid-19 and the flu can easily follow one another and alter the general condition in a very significant way”. Professionals have thus emphasized the importance of influenza vaccination for pregnant women, obese people, and seniors over 65 years old. The latter are also targeted by the vaccine booster device against Covid-19. Jacques Reynes, coordinator of infectious diseases at the Montpellier University Hospital, sees this as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. “We are in a period when the need for a third injection of the vaccine against Covid-19 arrives, we must take the opportunity to be vaccinated against the flu,” asks the specialist.

The flu, more dangerous than last year

He also discussed the possibility of having recourse to “injections in both shoulders” in order to carry out a double vaccination. For his part, Pierre Ricordeau, the director general of ARS Occitanie, recalled the absence of risk in the case of a double vaccination : “There is no choice between vaccine against Covid-19 and vaccine against influenza”. He adds: “More than ever, it is necessary to be vaccinated against the flu, the risks are important this year”.

Valérie Garnier, president of the Regional Union of Health Professionals Pharmacists, drives home the point: “The low number of cases of influenza from last year should not make us forget the epidemic risk”. She mentions among other things a relaxation of barrier gestures, which could promote the circulation of the virus. “People have an interest, in a number of situations, to perpetuate the wearing of the mask, and to continue to wash their hands regularly”, concludes Pierre Ricordeau.


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