the incidence rate triples in a few days in the Landes

the incidence rate triples in a few days in the Landes
the incidence rate triples in a few days in the Landes

The number of contaminations by the Covid-19 virus is on the rise again in the Landes, according to data from Public Health France. Yet a few days ago, the department was still one of the most preserved in France, with an incidence rate of 13 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. But rate has been multiplied by more than three in 10 days and is at 44.9 this Monday, October 25. Most of the infected people in the department are not vaccinated, specifies the ARS, the regional health agency. According to her, of the 139 cases of contamination identified last week in the Landes, 84% were not vaccinated.

Clusters in a lottery and a choir

According to the ARS, the regional health agency, clusters were identified during festive gatherings in the Landes, a lotto in particular and a chorale. This is a cause for concern because these events often bring together older people, who are more at risk of developing severe forms of the disease. Most of the infected in these clusters were not vaccinated. However, events such as lotto are subject to the health pass. “We call on the organizers to check the health pass“declares Didier Couteaud, the representative in the Landes of the ARS.

In the Landes, clusters have also appeared in recent days in families, mainly unvaccinated, but also among members of the community of Travelers, who are generally little vaccinated.


incidence rate triples days Landes

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