Launch of the flu vaccination campaign in Occitanie

The list of targeted people is published each year by the Ministry of Health, in the vaccination schedule and vaccine recommendations. The majority of people targeted by vaccine recommendations receive an invitation letter accompanied by a 100% vaccine coverage voucher sent to their home by Health Insurance.

In total, more than 15 million vouchers have already been sent for this season by the Health Insurance and the MSA to the people concerned, before the launch of the vaccination campaign. Almost 18% of additional doses of vaccines have been ordered from laboratories.

All people 18 years of age and over for whom influenza vaccination is recommended can collect their vaccine directly from the pharmacy, upon presentation of their receipt. A prescription is not necessary for this. They can then be vaccinated by the professional of their choice: doctor, midwife, nurse, volunteer pharmacist (with the exception of people allergic to ovalbumin or to a previous vaccination who must be referred to their doctor. ). In the event that an eligible person has not received or has misplaced the invitation letter from the Health Insurance, his doctor, midwife, nurse or pharmacist can issue him a form of support, after having checked himself out. assured of its eligibility.

Flu and Covid-19 vaccines: a possible co-administration

For frail people, these two vaccinations are essential to avoid severe forms of influenza or Covid-19. For the articulation of these two vaccinations to be as effective as possible, the High Authority of Health (HAS) recommends the co-administration of vaccines against influenza and against Covid-19.

The first data indicate that the co-administration is generally well tolerated and does not diminish the protection conferred by the two vaccines. The two injections can be given on the same day, at two different vaccination sites, that is, one vaccine in each arm.

The HAS specifies that no time limit is to be observed between the two vaccinations when co-administration is not possible. This rule also applies to any association between vaccines against Covid-19 and other inactivated vaccines in the vaccination schedule.


Launch flu vaccination campaign Occitanie

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