how to make a successful homemade lip balm?

how to make a successful homemade lip balm?
how to make a successful homemade lip balm?

At first glance, it is a repulsive gesture: making your own cosmetics can repel and seem beyond the reach of ordinary people. A lot of necessary ingredients, a successful technique to make any product a success, an aesthetic aspect that is necessarily less successful than in an industrial version … To twist their necks with their received ideas, Mélanie Gomez and Julia Vignali received the aromatherapist and cosmetologist Julien Kaibeck, monday in Well done for you, to explore the basics of this less inaccessible discipline than it seems. With a product that is easy to make at home: the lip balm.

As it starts to get cold outside, you get chapped lips and dry skin more often. “The simplest thing, if you don’t want to ‘grub’, it is to have recourse, for example, to raw and unrefined shea butter”, explains on Europe 1 Julian Kaibeck for those and those who would like a natural, non-industrial solution. “We type ‘cosmetic slow shea’ on the internet, we will see what it is and we will simply use a small dab on the finger, which we will rub on the lips up to six times a day.”

Cocoa butter and oil

But in this universe, it is obviously possible to concoct your own preparation. “If you want a real balm, which you can take anywhere, easy and practical, you have to resort to cocoa butter, which can also be bought in organic stores or on the internet. There, you will have to mix 3 grams of cocoa butter with 3 grams of any oil, like olive oil (you need a precision scale), with some beeswax flakes. You’re going to melt this in a very small fondue pot, pour it into a little jar and you will have this wonderful little jar that brands usually sell to you for 11 or 12 euros. “

A significant gain for a winter essential, to take and use everywhere. “Do it yourself and slow cosmetics save money. It’s good for the planet and for the skin, it’s the same as the industrial, except that it is necessary to adopt a gesture” preparation, concludes the cosmetologist.


successful homemade lip balm

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