prostate cancer will be declared as an occupational disease

Agriculture Minister Julien of Normandy announced on Wednesday October 20, 2021 that prostate cancer will be recognized by decree as an occupational disease for farmers.

Adopted on August 12, 2021, on the advice of the higher commission for occupational diseases in agriculture, the decree must register prostate cancer in the register of occupational diseases. It concerns all people who use pesticides for professional purposes.

The decree is based on statistics proving that farmers are more affected than other professions by prostate cancer.

This measure should give rise to compensation for agricultural workers.

The Caribbean population seriously affected by cancer

The West Indies are particularly concerned. In the overseas territories, the use of the pesticide has been authorized for many years. It was not banned until 1993. Today, nearly 90% of Martinicans and Guadeloupeans are believed to be contaminated with chlordecone, a pesticide that causes many cancers, including prostate cancer.


prostate cancer declared occupational disease

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