With covid, “we are going to ask patients for the flu vaccine” explains a doctor from Amiens

With covid, “we are going to ask patients for the flu vaccine” explains a doctor from Amiens
With covid, “we are going to ask patients for the flu vaccine” explains a doctor from Amiens

It’s the kick off this Friday of the flu vaccination campaign : the so-called priority people, namely those over 65 or those who normally have chronic pathologies, will be able to receive the injection. The start of the vaccination has also been brought forward by four days to coincide with the anti-Covid vaccine booster: a necessity for Stéphane Foulon, general practitioner in Amiens. He is the guest of France Bleu Picardie.

France Bleu Picardie: do the flu vaccine at the same time as the recall of the vaccine against the Covid, there are no risks?

Stéphane Foulon: It makes good sense, because it is difficult to chain different vaccination sequences, both for the public concerned and the health professionals who stick to it. One appointment is more practical from a practical point of view. From a health point of view, this is something that is done quite regularly, in the youngest ages of life, with concomitant vaccinations. There, it will be for a slightly older audience, but in the same process.

Is the flu vaccination this winter a particular issue in view of the covid situation elsewhere?

Yes. Already last year, I think that all the doctors encouraged patients even more to be vaccinated against influenza, because during this pandemic that we are encountering, having both an influenza infection and a covid infection, it can be frankly problematic. I have the impression that we had more vaccinated, I succeeded more easily in convincing certain patients who were until then more resistant.

We had almost no flu last winter, in connection with the barrier gestures and confinements: we risk a rebound this year or not?

Last year, we also did not have benign respiratory infections such as nasopharyngitis or infectious pathologies such as gastroenteritis. We realize at this very moment that we have a big rebound in these pathologies. It is the reduction of barrier gestures, social distancing, the wearing of the mask which is relaxed … And indeed, a collective immunity which has diminished.

Are you going to look for patients even more so that they can be vaccinated?

Clearly. We are really going to ask patients to be responsible and reasonable, and to sign up for this flu vaccination. We must avoid an epidemic of influenza at the same time as a new wave of covid.

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