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Catarrhal ovine fever: Two outbreaks in the two Corsican departments.

The health surveillance exercised on the herd in Corsica leads the Prefecture of Corsica to alert farmers on the evolution of bluetongue in the territory.

Two outbreaks were confirmed in a herd of sheep in Haute Corse and in southern Corsica on October 13 and 15, 2021, respectively. Some suspicions raised by veterinarians in the field are currently being investigated by the laboratory. This is serotype 4 which has been circulating enzootically in Corsica for many years, but the two outbreaks show animals that show clinical signs, for the first time this year: decrease in milk production, breathing difficulties, problems during births. The virus is transmitted by insects (Culicoides), the favorable season for the appearance of this disease is winter.
Vaccination allows the attenuation of clinical signs and the limitation of economic losses.
Increased herd surveillance is needed. State services once again recommend that breeders contact their veterinarian in order to set up, if this has not already been done, vaccination against
FCO. They also recommend leading the fight against vector insects, on animals and in buildings.
An information meeting will be held with the health defense group, the sheep industry and veterinarians on October 19.


Catarrhal ovine fever outbreaks Corsican departments

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