Health workers: in court against compulsory vaccination

Health workers: in court against compulsory vaccination
Health workers: in court against compulsory vaccination

Even if the Minister Legault government postponed by one month the compulsory vaccination for health workers, a lawyer will try this morning to have the decree annulled altogether.

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“Not only does compulsory vaccination undermine the inviolability of the person, but the infringement is all the more important since it targets tens of thousands of people”, affirms Me Natalia Manole in her request which will be pleaded today. hui at the Montreal courthouse.

Me Manole represents about forty workers in the health network who refuse to be vaccinated. Among them are doctors, pharmacists, nurses, technicians and paramedics, among others. They are among the 27,000 responders who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 and who will be suspended without pay once the government decree takes effect.

The deadline was set for tomorrow, but Health Minister Christian Dubé pushed it back a month yesterday.

Out of service

In his request, Me Manole asserts that the suspension of 27,000 workers would create a “disastrous break in service”, and that it therefore goes against the public interest.

“Tens of thousands of people will find themselves without a family doctor because they will be suspended,” she says. There will be discounts or cancellations with medical specialists, different departments will close, there will be reduction in the operating hours of pharmacies. People with mental illness will benefit from reduced care. “

She criticizes the government for not having offered an alternative, for example with regular screening tests.

“And what about the fact that the healthcare professional will no longer have the right to telework so as not to put the patient in danger? she adds. This absurdity demonstrates the government’s lack of good faith, which does not appear to be acting in the public interest. “

The Attorney General of Quebec, who will undoubtedly defend the government’s decisions, will present his arguments in favor of the decree today.

More details to come …


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