a campaign to inform and raise awareness

a campaign to inform and raise awareness
a campaign to inform and raise awareness


  • Chronic kidney disease affects nearly one in ten people in France, or around 5.7 million people.
  • Among them, 91,875 are treated for end-stage chronic renal failure, either by dialysis (55%) or by transplant (45%).

From October 18 to November 11, 2021, the Biomedicine Agency is launching its new campaign to provide information on kidney donation to a loved one and to raise awareness of this practice, which is still poorly understood in France. “We can and we must do better”, said Emmanuelle Cortot-Boucher, Director General of the Biomedicine Agency at a press conference. “Kidney transplantation from a living donor is too little practiced in our country, while it is very effective”, she adds.`

Kidney transplants are offered to people with end stage kidney disease. This allows them to stop dialysis and return to normal life. “Kidney transplants performed from living donors allow the patient to have a longer life expectancy and a graft that functions longer”, specifies the agency of biomedicine.

Who can donate their kidney?

Kidney donation to a loved one is regulated by law. Thus, the donor must be of legal age and responsible, but also maintain a relationship with the recipient. It may be the patient’s father or mother, spouse, brother or sister, son or daughter, grandparent, uncle or aunt, first cousin or first cousin. Anyone who can prove that they have lived together for at least two years with the recipient, or that they have a close and stable friendship with the sick person for the same period of time, can also donate their kidney. “There is no age limit, except physiological age”, specifies Professor François Kerbaul, director of organ-tissue harvesting and transplantation at the Biomedicine Agency.

Kidney donation is a complex subject that many patients do not dare to discuss with those around them. “Preparing for a transplant takes time and requires complicated procedures. It is therefore essential to talk about it as a family as soon as possible, but also to your doctor, as soon as the diagnosis of kidney disease is pronounced “, insists the biomedicine agency.

The donation of life in figures

In 2019, in France, 3,643 kidney transplants were performed, including 510 thanks to a living donation (14%). In 2020, 2,595 kidney transplants were performed, including 390 thanks to a living donation (15%).

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