Green city clinic lights up and mobilizes to raise awareness about breast cancer screening | Consonews

Green city clinic lights up and mobilizes to raise awareness about breast cancer screening | Consonews
Green city clinic lights up and mobilizes to raise awareness about breast cancer screening | Consonews

On the occasion of breast cancer screening and research awareness month, the teams of the Ville Verte Bouskoura Clinic are committed to informing about the importance of screening. These preventive events and actions are aimed at patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

Free screening and a “pink table” for the benefit of women

Clinique Ville Verte is organizing days dedicated to free breast cancer screening on October 14 and 21. The clinic therefore places its team of expert doctors at the service of women wishing to be screened.

To benefit from it, and for an optimal reception and management of this course, the clinic invites those interested to register by calling 05 22 51 23 23

During the same days, the Ville Verte Clinic is organizing a pink table hosted by health experts in its establishment around the importance of early detection. The objective of this meeting is above all an opportunity to make young women aware of preventive procedures and examinations but also to approach, in a fun way and through testimonials, the technique of self-examination of the breasts, the factors of risks of breast cancer or the importance of gynecological follow-up.

The “pink table” is open to anyone interested in the topic.

To increase awareness of the importance of the fight against breast cancer, the facade of the establishment will be dressed in pink light for two weeks.

One in eight women affected by breast cancer in her lifetime

The health crisis having disrupted everyone’s habits, many women have been forced to postpone their essential screening. Screening is a real “barrier gesture” against breast cancer. The latter is in fact still responsible for thousands of deaths per year. Because this corresponds to so many women to be saved, the Pink October awareness campaign deployed in the health establishments of Elsan aims to remind that screening in the early stages of the disease allows better care and increases the chances of survival. Care is progressing thanks to the development of screening and progress in treatment. Remember that detected at an early stage, breast cancer can be cured in 9 out of 10 cases.

Breast cancer screening

From the age of 50, breast cancer screening is recommended every 2 years. 80% of breast cancers occur after this age. Systematic screening can detect any disease before the first symptoms appear. Early detection will thus allow less burdensome, shorter and more effective medical treatment.

If screening is not recommended for women under 50 who are not considered at risk, it is nevertheless advisable to perform a clinical examination of the breasts by palpation once a year from the age of 25 years.

Each woman can also perform an autopalpation. It brings together a set of simple actions that, performed every month, after menstruation, allow you to get to know your breasts, detect any anomaly and report it to your doctor. Self-examination is another asset for his health. However, it does not replace a regular, at least annual visit to your gynecologist or doctor.

Clinique Ville Verte (CVV) is a multidisciplinary health establishment belonging to ELSAN, the leader in private hospitalization in France. Located 10 minutes from the city center, the clinic is built in the heart of the green city Bouskoura built according to international hospital standards. With 150 employees and 265 doctors, the establishment offers 123 beds. It receives 10,000 patients per year and 2,500 emergency visits per year.

ELSAN, leader in private hospitalization in France, is present in all hospitalization professions and in all regions of France. ELSAN has 28,000 employees, and 7,500 independent doctors work in the group’s 137 establishments in France and Morocco. They take care of more than two million patients per year. Our mission: to provide quality, innovative and human care to everyone, everywhere.

Source: Official press release

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