No epidemic but return of rhinos and gastroes

No epidemic but return of rhinos and gastroes
No epidemic but return of rhinos and gastroes


Vienna: No epidemic but return of rhinos and gastroes

The arrival of the first frost brings its share of viruses. The rarer Covid has given way to other pathologies: nasopharyngitis, gastroenteritis, etc.

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With the first cold, viruses are back.

With the first cold, viruses are back.

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Everybody talks about it ! No this is not the return of the talk show of the famous host of France 2 late 90s, early 2000s but fall symptoms return. These do not risk endangering people with these seasonal illnesses.
The circulation of winter viruses continues to strike young and old, upsetting the schedules of parents, who must find a solution for the care of their offspring, take a day for a sick child, stop work etc. A daily newspaper, which recalls the years before Covid. But not to the point of exploding the days of practitioners. Not yet. For about three weeks, we have observed classic seasonal pathologies, says Dr Philippe Boutin, working in a large medical practice in a working-class district of Poitiers. Gastro-entrees, – it’s not an epidemic, he specifies nasopharyngitis, tonsillitis are part of his clinical picture of the moment.
this is in addition to a specific pathology, probably linked to the geographic installation of this medical center in Poitou, bronchiolitis. For this city generalist, once again, we have an overload of work. That doctors not only blame these seasonal pathologies but also a massive departure of retired colleagues: Twelve dry starts, not replaced, ensures the president of the grouping of liberal doctors of Europe.
The usual diseases of the time Another sector with the same pathologies, with the exception of bronchiolitis, at the Bignoux medical practice, located in a semi-urban area. For about three weeks, we have found the usual diseases of the time, nasopharyngitis, trachitis, bronchitis, reports Dr Philippe Bouchand. Her colleague, Dr Isabelle Jammet, in rural areas, Naintr, recorded the same effects: Our ENT and gastroenteritis consultation rate has increased over the past three weeks. Adding: Mainly rhinos, and over a fortnight there are many cases of gastro, including bronchitis. It doesn’t matter at all. I think the lax handwashing is real. No flu yet whose program vaccination campaign is set to start on October 26. Patrice Thvenot, ordinal adviser to the order of pharmacists, sells lozenge, syrup, mouthwash. We have observed a very significant increase in rhinos and tonsillitis but no bronchiolitis. Simple pathologies with not alarming symptoms. The relaxation of barrier gestures seems to be a border that everyone crosses briskly without suspecting that one virus can hide another.


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