consult for breast reconstruction!

consult for breast reconstruction!
consult for breast reconstruction!

More and more conservative treatments make it possible to avoid mastectomy in patients suffering from breast cancer. But many women have to have one or both breasts removed to heal themselves. “It is a shock, the equivalent of the loss of a loved one for the patients in terms of psychological impact”, assures Dr. Emmanuel Delay. Breast reconstruction often makes it possible to attenuate this shock, “in particular when it is carried out immediately after mastectomy”.

Unfortunately, “women are not always informed of their right to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon as part of their treatment for the tumor. “

How to have access to this consultation? “Every oncology team has a plastic surgeon,” says Emmanuel Delay. But if you are followed in a clinic or a non-university hospital that does not offer it spontaneously, you are entitled to request it. “Just ask your doctor if he can refer you to a team with a plastic surgeon because you would like information on immediate breast reconstruction,” he advises.

This reconstruction, whether immediate or remote, remains the choice of the patient. Some do not want it, but the consultation makes it possible to make an informed choice on the subject, before the mastectomy, or at a distance from it for secondary reconstructions.

When to rebuild It can therefore be immediate in certain cases. This method is particularly indicated after recurrence after conservative treatment, or for preventive ablations in women with a BRCA1 or 2 mutation. In other cases, reconstruction can be done a little later. The consultation makes it possible to obtain any specific contraindications to a particular intervention, depending on other cancer treatments, such as radiotherapy for example.

Which technique? While there are many advanced techniques, around 70% of women benefit from reconstruction with implants. During the consultation, the surgeon will tell you what is possible in your specific case. Indeed, “the choice of technique will depend in particular on the condition of the skin,” he concludes.

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consult breast reconstruction

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