Covid-19: a new investigation into the origin of the virus

Posted the 10/14/2021 11:34

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Beijing has launched a large scientific study to find out whether the Covid-19 pandemic has started in Wuhan.

China is preparing to test 200,000 blood samples taken in Wuhan during the emergence of the coronavirus at the end of 2019. This decision comes as the international community calls for more transparency on the origin of the Covid-19. According to the WHO, these blood samples could reveal when and where the virus first infected humans. According to epidemiologist Maureen Miller, it’s a treasure trove in terms of data.

Natural emergence or laboratory accident? Everyone wants to know, except maybe China, which is under suspicion. His government has pledged to to participate of analysis results with international experts. His cooperation had been lacking in the WHO coronavirus investigation, which had never been able to trace its origin. WHO has called for the creation of a committee to oversee the new Chinese studies. On vain for the moment then that time is running out, because the biological origins are dispersing and deletion make every day more hard the work of experts.


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