Compulsory vaccination: patients tired of recalcitrant, but understanding

Compulsory vaccination: patients tired of recalcitrant, but understanding
Compulsory vaccination: patients tired of recalcitrant, but understanding

Patients believe that the health network cannot do without its thousands of unvaccinated employees, although most of them are annoyed at seeing these recalcitrant people.

“Me, compared to my lungs, it bothers me a lot [le personnel non vacciné]. We do not know who we are dealing with and it is a constant danger ”, expresses Marie Lemay, 58 years old, suffering from a chronic lung disease.

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Crossed in front of the Center hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), which she is used to frequenting, Ms. Lemay did not hide her exasperation at the employees of the health network who refused the vaccine.

But like most of the patients met yesterday by Le Journal in front of this hospital, she does not disagree with Minister Christian Dubé’s decision to postpone by 30 days the deadline for the compulsory vaccination of this staff.

“Me, I’m going for a transplant. If I need care and there are no nurses instead of unvaccinated nurses, I am no further ahead, ”she says.

Paul Brunet, president of the Council for the protection of the sick, was surprised by the decision, because he believed that keeping employees unvaccinated would cause more damage. He now believes that the government must respect its new deadline without fail.

“After that, the government will lose its credibility,” he argues.

Nurse, Léna Pitaval is a thousand miles from several “antivax”. Far from being a conspirator, she is not anxious about immunization, but a little suspicious.

“My other vaccines are up to date. For me, a vaccine keeps me from catching the disease. This COVID-19 vaccine was in the research phase and there are a lot of side effects. The vaccine is useful for vulnerable or elderly people, but for me I find that there are more risks than benefits. I prefer to wait, even if it means losing my job. », Explained yesterday the 30-year-old woman who works in Beauce.

She does find that older people are less sick with the vaccine. This finding will not change his personal decision, however, nor Minister Dubé’s 30-day reprieve.

“Medicago could convince me because they do research before they release their vaccine. For now, I’m safer getting tested three times a week. “

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