Soon an effective treatment for Lyme disease?

Soon an effective treatment for Lyme disease?
Soon an effective treatment for Lyme disease?

American researchers may have spotted an effective treatment to eradicate this disease which continues to wreak havoc.

A substance capable of completely eradicating Lyme disease

It may finally be a hope for the many patients suffering from Lyme disease and its lasting sequelae. This disease transmitted via a tick bite can unfortunately cause long-term symptoms, between inflammation, pain, rheumatism and difficulty concentrating. Should we speak of a chronic form of the disease or of disorders which would be consequences of it, but not directly caused by the spirochete bacterium Borrelia?

A treatment to eradicate the bacteria and fight against its lasting effects may well have finally been discovered by American researchers at Northeastern University in Boston. Indeed, while they were carrying out research to find effective microorganisms against a strain of the bacteria dominant in the United States, they in fact discovered a substance capable of completely eradicating Lyme disease.

Quickly clear the infection without any side effects

We rediscovered the treatment – © Schlegelfotos

The most astonishing, according to the results of this research published in the medical journal Cell, is that this microbial « miracle » produced by another bacterium, hygromycin A, was discovered in 1953. But it turns out that it had been little studied due to low efficacy against the bacteria tested at the time. First positive point: even at very high doses, hygromycin A would show no signs of toxicity.

It is a real hope for the sick, as 50,000 people are victims of Lyme disease in France alone each year. Especially since, according to the researchers, this treatment would quickly eliminate the infection, without any side effects. This forgotten antibiotic could therefore make it possible to eradicate Lyme borreliosis. Scientists are even asking the question of positioning baits treated with this substance in sensitive areas in order to eradicate the disease even upstream of the infection.

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