The 100,000 injections of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine exceeded in Alès

We have exceeded 100,000 injections of the vaccine Pfizer-BioNTech at the Alès-la Prairie vaccination center. The “100,000 injections together” say the actors of this anti-Covid fight started in Alès Agglo and throughout the Gard since last March. A vaccination center which nevertheless mobilized more than 400 staff with a vaccination rate that is maintained. For as much during October, “we could consider, with the ARS and the prefecture, to reduce the organization“explains Doctor Alain Devalle, one of its managers.

Not yet Austerlitz but the battle seems to be at sunset

100,143 injections exactly administered (this Wednesday evening) in Alès, it’s not yet Austerlitz, but let’s say that the viral battle seems to be approaching sunset. 8 months of intense mobilization. Staff of the agglomeration of Alès, more than 200, 60 doctors and 150 nurses. “We had to do it, mobilize“explains Magali.”We are proud of our commitment to the battle“continues Guilhem. The incidence rate on the agglomeration of Alès is a little more than 148 / 100.00. (It was a month and a half ago at + 450).

We must continue the vaccine effort, there is no choice

Still 800 vaccinations / day, Doctor Magali Laurès confirms a sustained momentum. “we were even surprised, while an information campaign was to be held in the direction of colleges and high schools, many are already vaccinated“. When we ask the Alesians about the vaccination obligation for caregivers, the debate rages on.”I’m not against the vaccine, but I hear both parties“explains the one (who came to complete his vaccination schedule). This older one” I do not admit, they worked without being protected at the height of the Covid, now they are stigmatized“Aurore, a liberal nurse mobilized in the center of the meadow has made her choice.

The Alès vaccination center has exceeded 100,000 injections. © Radio France
Ludovic Labastrou
Marie-Françoise Lecaillon, prefect of Gard visiting the vaccination center. © Radio France
Ludovic Labastrou
The discovery of the back room of the vaccination center of Alès (Gard).
The discovery of the back room of the vaccination center of Alès (Gard). © Radio France
Ludovic Labastrou


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