Antivirus innovation – A new vaccine against dengue fever, and soon the Covid?

A new vaccine against dengue, and soon the Covid?

Unisanté is testing an innovative serum against this disease, and soon a vaccine against Covid using the same technology.

Marie Nicollier

Posted today at 15:50

There is no treatment for dengue fever, a viral infection transmitted to humans by the bite of infected mosquitoes. The virus affects 390 million people per year and epidemics are increasingly frequent and serious (two deaths per hour, according to the WHO).

“Due to global warming, the vector mosquito is expanding its geographic presence. There have already been cases around the Mediterranean ”, recalls the Pr Blaise Genton, head of the Policlinic of tropical medicine, travel and vaccinations of Unisanté.

The Lausanne institution is conducting a clinical study on a new type of vaccine developed in England by the start-up Emergex Vaccines.


Antivirus innovation vaccine dengue fever Covid

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