Doubts about the effectiveness of the Janssen vaccine: a second mandatory dose for a million people

Through Alexandra Segond
Published on 15 Sep 21 at 17:02


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People who have been injected with Janssen for Covid-19 should receive a second dose of the messenger RNA vaccine. (© Illustration / Côté Brest)

It was sold as a single dose vaccine : Janssen, developed by the Johnson & Johnson laboratory, must be completed with a second dose of another vaccine, confirmed the Ministry of Health Tuesday, September 14, 2021, during a press point devoted to the French vaccine campaign.

The people concerned are mostly those over 55 years old. They will therefore have to return to one of the 1,043 French vaccination centers or to a town doctor for receive an injection of messenger RNA vaccine, i.e. Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech.

Boost immunity

The aim of this second dose is to boost immunity faced with Covid-19 and its variants, in particular the very contagious variant Delta, justifies the Ministry of Health.

According to recent studies, there is a decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine against variants of Covid-19, and not only in the elderly and populations at risk. This vaccine booster corresponds to a public health issue, it is not an option.

Ministry of HealthPress point of 09/14/2021

A point of view shared by the High Authority of Health (HAS). In a notice published on August 24: the latter had thus alerted to the “Insufficient protection conferred by a single dose of vaccine ‘in view of the progression of variant Delta.

The available data do not confirm the long-term efficacy of the one-dose vaccination schedule of Janssen vaccine against the Delta variant.

High Authority of HealthNotice on the booster injections of August 24, 2021

Note that having received the single dose of Janssen always gives you a complete vaccination schedule, provided of course that you comply with the regulatory period of four weeks after the injection.

Listed “failures”

Another dark point: the health authorities have noted a “significant number of cases of Janssen vaccine failures” in France.

In other words, despite the injection, the vaccinated people still developed “a symptomatic Sars-CoV-2 infection confirmed biologically or by antigenic test” 21 days after the single injection, explains the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) in its last update. situation. In some cases, it was severe forms of disease.

These data show 32 cases of vaccine failures and four deaths, which however remains marginal in view of the number of people vaccinated by Janssen. Their number rises to over a million, according to the latest data from Public Health France (dated September 13, 2021).

Janssen has been deployed in France since avril 2021. He is the fourth vaccine authorized in France, after Pfizer-BioNTech (end of December 2020), Moderna (January 8, 2021) and AstraZeneca (February 2, 2021).

Who is affected by the vaccine booster

Since the beginning of September, certain categories of people who have benefited from the Pfizer vaccine, Moderna and AstraZeneca, must be administered a third dose. Here they are :

  • People aged 65 and over (since September 1)
  • People said to be “at risk”, likely to develop serious forms of the virus (since September 1)
  • Immunocompromised people (since September 1)
  • Ehpad residents (since September 13, 2021)

A period of approximately six months between the second and the third dose should be observed.

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