Covid-19: The vaccine obligation adapted in Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin, immediate application in St Barthélémy

“The vaccination obligation applies to the West Indies but, given the health situation in Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin, the principle of progressive controls will be implemented in these two territories” said the Prefecture and the ARS of Guadeloupe in a press release published on Tuesday, September 14. For the authorities, this adaptation of the vaccination obligation aims “to ensure the continuity of care for patients infected with Covid” in the face of an epidemic situation in the West Indies, which has caused unprecedented hospital pressure.

Thus, the authorities have set a new timetable for application. A first phase until the beginning of October will be a period of educational reminders so that the professionals concerned can understand the major importance of vaccination for themselves who are particularly exposed but also and above all, for the protection of the users of our system. health.
The following phases, which will be more stringent, will be gradual, starting with the professionals subject to compulsory vaccination who are least affected by the care of Covid patients and by the management of establishments. All the others will be subject to the controls provided for by law when the confinement resulting from this 4th wave is completely released.

On the other hand, the vaccination obligation will be applied immediately. The prefectural and health authorities underline this decision by a health situation “more favorable and reinforced by the absence of hospital tension in this territory”. “The vaccination obligation applies to Saint-Barthélemy in accordance with the metropolis given the epidemic situation stabilized at a very low level. The island has moved to a level of limited vulnerability with regard to the criteria of Public Health France (SPF). The checks will therefore begin from next week, ie September 20, 2021, and will be carried out in consultation with the ARS and Social Security, ”the statement added.


Covid19 vaccine obligation adapted Guadeloupe SaintMartin application Barthélémy

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