Vaccination at the hospital, the first sanctions fall for the staff of the CHU de Nice

Vaccination at the hospital, the first sanctions fall for the staff of the CHU de Nice
Vaccination at the hospital, the first sanctions fall for the staff of the CHU de Nice

The management of the Chu de Nice is pleased, 95% of its staff are vaccinated. that is, most agents show a complete vaccination schedule. On the other hand, this also means that with more than 7,500 employees at the Nice University Hospital, several hundred of them are not vaccinated.

According to the unions, nearly 700 people did not meet the request to provide their vaccination certificate to the hospital management. If we subtract from these staff the staff on leave or on long-term sickness, there are said to be nearly 450 agents who refuse to present their health passes or to be vaccinated. They are hanging from 8 am this morning.

A young surgeon suspended

All hospital professions are affected, from radio operators to secretaries, and of course the nursing staff. Among them, only one university hospital practitioner out of the 300 of the CHU refuses to submit to the vaccination obligation. Management is forced to apply the law. According to sources close to the management of the CHU this young surgeon who has the rank of head of clinic is no longer authorized to perform surgery. His contract was due to end in October, so he will be leaving a month before.

The firmness of the management

According to management “It is indeed our responsibility as an employer to protect our professionals and our duty as a healthcare establishment. to protect all our patients“. Ghislaine Raouafi secretary of the CGT at the Pasteur hospital, for her part, deplores this pressure which has made caregivers rise from the rank of”hero last March at the time of the applause to the one of zeros that are accused of carrying the disease“.

For staff who have received a single dose, they are allowed an additional month to report their full immunization status.

Concerns in the hospital

Despite the suspension sanctions, the hospital management ensures to be able to ensure the entire offer of care of the CHU despite some difficulties in the management of patient flows or in the emergency services. On the union side, we are more than worried about having to once again push the walls, and restrict the supply of care. For several weeks the unions have been repeating it, and the CGT in the lead, losing even 5% of the workforce is detrimental to the quality of care. The CGT fears disruption of care in all hospitals and nursing homes in the department in Cannes, Menton and Grasse in particular. According to the central “the management of the CHU prefers to do without 450 people at a time when it is very difficult to find qualified staff

The suspension of the recalcitrant, an unprecedented decision

The suspension of the employment contract is an unprecedented measure. It comes back to a parenthesis of the contract, without salary or leave. Employees are contacted by the HRD within three days of their suspension and if they do not want to go back, the employment contract will remain suspended for two months.

Disciplinary sanctions could be taken but not layoffs as in economic layoffs, explains the unions. Within two months the employees must be received again but the unions do not know what fate will be in store for them. Simply “because the suspension is new. Will it be an end of contract? or professional misconduct. In any case in the event of dismissal” tells us the CGT “the law stipulates that the employee will not be entitled to unemployment benefits“.

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