Positive for Covid-19, she is stranded on a paradise island

Positive for Covid-19, she is stranded on a paradise island
Positive for Covid-19, she is stranded on a paradise island

A French Riviera woman is stranded in a Covid hotel in the Maldives for 14 days, after having tested positive.

The cruise of this young Azurean could have turned into a nightmare, but it is with philosophy that she decided to take the uncomfortable situation in which she finds herself today. As reported by France Bleu Azur, after a few days of total change of scenery in the Maldives, sailing among manta rays and whale sharks, Fleur returned to dry land to prepare for her return to France.

As the country requires, to be able to return, the young woman underwent a PCR test for Covid-19. Unfortunately, the latter turned out to be positive. In accordance with the sanitary rules in force in the archipelago, Fleur had to be placed in quarantine in a hotel specially dedicated to positive tourists or contact cases.

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A compulsory 14-day isolation that the French Riviera sees more as an extended vacation since she can still enjoy the paradisiacal beaches and coconut palms, swim in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, without however being able to come into contact with d other tourists. Despite the beautiful sunsets and the three meals that are delivered to her every day, the young woman still contacted the French Embassy in Sri Lanka, to which the Maldives are attached. But nothing to do, the local authorities are firm: she must remain in quarantine for 14 days, unless she is screened again, which she is refused.

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Positive Covid19 stranded paradise island

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