Covid-19 – death: autopsy only in case of murder

Covid-19 – death: autopsy only in case of murder
Covid-19 – death: autopsy only in case of murder

So far the autopsy of deceased Covid-19 patients has not been carried out. Why ? According to medical sources, this is impossible because Mauritius does not have the necessary technology. Several questions have arisen since the death of little Keira Esther, whose autopsy could not be done. The medical profession explained that an autopsy was impossible because the child was positive for the virus. However, another question arises: what would happen if one day a murder is committed and the victim is positive for Covid-19?

According to Inspector Shiva Coothen of Police Press Office, in this case, an autopsy will be essential. Indeed, he explains that even if it has not yet happened, the issue has already been raised. “Without a doubt, if there is a murder, an autopsy will have to be done. Forensic staff and investigators will need to be equipped to know the victim’s cause of death, whatever the cost. ”

According to our medical sources, it would only be in this case that an autopsy could be done on a positive person. Indeed, as mentioned many times, the autopsy of a person carrying the virus has not been done until today because it involves enormous risks for forensic scientists and police officers. According to our information, the state should pay more than a million for the required devices, such as special extractors, among others. But how and why in case of murder, could we do it?

Police chief medical examiner Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin explains that it is not about being able to do it in such a case but taking the risk of doing it. “So far, no matter what autopsies are done, the whole team is in PPE. It is certain that tomorrow if there is a Covid-19 victim on the autopsy table, we will have it too, but the morgues in Mauritius are not equipped to autopsy people positive for Covid-19. However, if there is a murder, which we do not hope, we will have to take the risk of autopsy the patient anyway. ” So far, he adds, if there has not been an autopsy of the deceased positive patients, it is because the cause of their death has been medically proven and evaluated by health professionals.

To date, for thefts, the police take the statement of a victim, after she is cured of the virus, but for rape victims, Inspector Shiva Coothen adds that samples are taken from the victims, even if they are positive.

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