2 residents died from Covid-19

2 residents died from Covid-19
2 residents died from Covid-19

Last week, 28 residents of the Charmilles nursing home in Lescure-d’Albigeois, in the Tarn region, were diagnosed positive for Covid-19. According to information from The Midday Dispatch, two of them died. It was the director of the establishment who made this announcement, Monday, September 13.

“Two residents of the nursing home have died in recent days,” the director of the nursing home, Eric Placide, told the regional daily. “Their deaths have a direct link with the Covid-19”. However, one of the two residents had an aggravated comorbid factor since he was prone to diabetes.

Two residents of the nursing home still hospitalized in Albi

As a reminder, this cluster was discovered on August 30th. Initially, two staff members and four residents contracted the virus. Little by little, all the residents were tested. To take no risk, the Ephad as a whole has been placed in solitary confinement.

The source of contamination has progressed very quickly within the Charmilles nursing home, probably because of the Delta variant, which is more contagious. Last week, 28 residents tested positive for Covid-19. 38 residents have now contracted the virus. According to information from The Midday Dispatch, two people are still hospitalized at the Albi hospital center, but one of them was due to return to the nursing home on Monday, September 13.

New screenings in the coming days

New tests will take place in the coming days. “We will have the results by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, which will allow us to take stock of the number of patients”, concludes Eric Placide.


residents died Covid19

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