Coronavirus: a French woman is placed in quarantine on a paradise island

A bit of a special isolation. Tested positive for Covid-19, an Azur woman, on a cruise to go diving, was placed in quarantine on an island in the Maldives.

Having gone on vacation to take a cruise and go diving, Fleur saw her schedule disrupted by the Covid-19. Tested positive, the latter had to respect the health regulations in place on the archipelago, stipulating that any positive person must observe quarantine and not leave.

Trapped and unable to see the world, Fleur nevertheless tried to take advantage of the pleasant living environment of her forties. On the program, diving, with mask and snorkel, sunbathing on a fine sand beach and sunset. An adventure that she even shares on her social networks, according to information from France Bleu.

A strategy to save tourism

If the young woman is in a golden prison, she believes that the goal of the local authorities is to fill a hotel with customers forced to pay in advance. Fortunately, his insurance covers his accommodation.

Fleur tried everything to unblock her situation. Contacted by the latter, the French Embassy in Sri Lanka, in charge of the Maldives, insisted on informing her that it could do nothing in the face of Maldivian law.

The French Riviera will therefore only be able to leave her island once a negative test is presented to the health authorities. In the meantime, she intends to take advantage of her time and make the most of her special quarantine.


Coronavirus French woman quarantine paradise island

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