A new death linked to COVID-19 in Estrie | Coronavirus

A new death linked to COVID-19 in Estrie | Coronavirus
A new death linked to COVID-19 in Estrie | Coronavirus

The recent death brings the number to 356 people who have died of complications from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

The latest public health report in Estrie reports 107 new infections over a period of four days, or just under 27 new cases daily. During the last assessment, the average was 30 cases per day.

It is in the Sherbrooke area that the most new cases have been identified, with 51. This brings the number of active cases in this area to 88. Positive cases are also on the rise throughout the territory, more particularly in Haute-Yamaska, which has recorded 23 new infections. Coaticook records its first cases since August 24, i.e. three

Six people are hospitalized, including two in intensive care.

There are 215 people who are carriers of the COVID-19 virus. 15,854 Estriens have contracted COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

According to the latest report from the Estrie Public Health Department, there were 21 hatching environments in the region. Twenty-six schools are on the list of those where a positive case for COVID-19 has been confirmed in the past 14 days.

More than 80% of Estriens are fully vaccinated

Immunization coverage continues to grow slowly.

It is a little more than eight Estriens out of ten, that is to say 80.3% of the population which received two doses of vaccine. For healthcare workers, the full vaccination rate is 88.9%.

The territories of La Pommeraie, Memphrémagog, Sources, Val-Saint-François, Coaticook, Haut-Saint-François and Granit have vaccination rates below the regional average.


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