In Occitania, students can count on the Region for the start of the school year

In Occitania, students can count on the Region for the start of the school year
In Occitania, students can count on the Region for the start of the school year

Promote equality access to higher education for young people while improving their chances of success : this is the double mission that the Occitanie Region has given itself, throughout its territory.

By repairing the staircase to success, we are giving all our young people the same opportunities to build their future, underlines Carole Delga, the President of the Region.

Restore purchasing power to young people

First novelty of this new school year: the + = 0 device. Set up with SNCF Occitanie, this system allows young people between the ages of 18 and 26 to travel almost free of charge on the regional IO train network. Its principle: I travel more, I pay zero. Experienced from April 2021 to August, it is now generalized throughout the regional territory. Thus, as soon as the young person makes a minimum of 30 trips per month, he takes the IO trains free of charge all year round.

In parallel, facing the increase in precariousness among students, the Eating Well for All operation is being continued. It had been extended to students at the height of the health crisis (13,500 baskets distributed in 2020/2021). The Region also grants a scholarship to young people who engage in training in health and social careers. Last year, nearly 4 700 of them have benefited.

As health is also essential, the Region pays 100 € via the Mutual Pass when scholarship students (level 0 bis to 4), not eligible for national schemes, acquire a Complementary Health. Regional aid is equivalent to the basic rate, offered by mutuals.

The Youth Card extended to 26 years old

So that all young people in Occitania, like high school students, can benefit from many advantages linked to the Youth Card, the Occitanie Region will very soon launch a consultation with associations and structures representing students and more broadly youth, to allow thecard extension up to 26 years.

Helping young people to build their future

In addition to the continuation of TAF exhibitions and the increase in training in health and social professions, the Region is accelerating the deployment of connected campuses with 7 new locations : Millau, Florac, Saint-Affrique, Mende, Sète, Agde, Font-Romeu. Support is also provided for new training in universities. In the same spirit, the Region has decided to create 10 schools for ecological transition (BE) within 5 years, to prepare young people for the jobs of tomorrow.

The campus renovation projects are being pursued with a view to continuing to offer students a quality living environment in Occitania. 47 transactions renovation projects (118 M € invested) have been financed since 2016 and more than 5,100 student accommodation renovated or created.

Protect students in the face of the health crisis

With Proxivaccin students can get vaccinated on campus

With Proxivaccin students can get vaccinated on campus

Credits: Laurent Boutonnet

In addition to the food baskets, the Region distributed 5,000 laptops and 3,000 4G keys to students so that they can follow the courses remotely. 33,000 hygiene kits were also donated. a psychological support was brought to those in need. More than 3,800 places were reserved for online stress management and relaxation therapy workshops. In addition, 800 online consultations and others face-to-face. Finally, the Region facilitates student vaccination, via its Proxivaccin system.

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