Bottled water, still 3500 times higher impact

Bottled water, still 3500 times higher impact
Bottled water, still 3500 times higher impact

The impacts of bottled water are significantly higher than those of tap water. In a study by the Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) conducted to determine the impact of bottled water in . Results? It has turned out that using bottled water instead of tap water is much more costly both financially and environmentally.

It is estimated that if all the inhabitants of Barcelona used bottled water, there would be 3,500 extra expenses, with additional costs of around 80 million euros per year. Research on this topic began after discovering that despite strong investments in the purification of tap water in the city of Barcelona, ​​most locals still prefer to drink bottled water.

Bottled water, also ecological bleeding

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In addition to the impact on the economic resources of citizens, the researchers also found that conditioned water is also more expensive from an ecological point of view. They concluded that the impact of bottled water on ecosystems is 1,400 times that of tap water.

I know it may seem impossible, but this is the first such study examining the impact of bottled water on a particular city. If you’re not Catalan, it might be worth checking out your city’s stats and seeing what they’ve found. In most countries, the cost of tap water is much lower than that of bottled water.

According to the researcher Cristina Villanueva placeholder image, lead author of the study, the large-scale use of bottled water in Barcelona it has no health benefit. “Health reasons do not justify the massive use of conditioned water. Yes, logically, drinking tap water should be worse for the local health. The water supply is often obsolete, with all the contraindications of the case. However, if the medical and economic aspects are weighed on the large numbers, what one gains in health by drinking bottled water is practically nil. And it is quite obvious that the environmental impact of packaged water is enormously greater than tap water, ”said Villanueva.

A political and perceptual problem

Villanueva believes this study could change people’s perceptions of bottled water, but argues more needs to be done in the area of ​​politics. Many people tend to use bottled water due to compelling marketing campaigns carried out by companies. “We could have more education campaigns to make the public aware that the health benefits of drinking bottled water are far less than the environmental impacts,” she said.

People trust bottled water because advertisers have done a good job convincing people that it’s a good option. We need the effort on the other side.


Bottled water times higher impact

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