Hypertension: here is the dessert to choose to lower blood pressure

Hypertension: here is the dessert to choose to lower blood pressure
Hypertension: here is the dessert to choose to lower blood pressure

A new study published in the International Dairy Journal shows that consuming yogurt may help reduce high blood pressure. This research carried out by a team of Australian and American researchers confirms previous results.

A new weapon against high blood pressure? To combat the disease, scientists have examined the relationship between yogurt consumption and blood pressure in 915 people aged 62 on average who have or have not developed the disease. In total, approximately 62% of subjects in the sample had elevated blood pressure of 140/90 mmHg.

After eliminating several factors such as cholesterol or blood sugar, the results show that for people suffering from hypertension, the consumption of yoghurt lowered blood pressure. Be careful, however, these analyzes reveal that this is a reduction “modest but statistically significant“in people with the pathology. In contrast, the researchers did not observe no change in blood pressure in people without hypertension.

If until now the link between fermented products and hypertension was assumed, this finding confirms the results of the Cochrane study carried out in 2015 which showed that calcium supplementation could lower blood pressure.

Arterial hypertension in France

Known to be the most frequent chronic disease in France, hypertension affects one in three adults according to Inserm. Hypertension is defined as abnormally high blood pressure in the blood vessels.

In addition to being a pathology in itself, arterial hypertension is a major risk factor for cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and stroke diseases. Indeed, according to Inserm, this condition, the most common chronic disease, is also the leading cause of preventable cerebrovascular accident (stroke).

For several years, diet has often been suggested as a solution to lower blood pressure levels. Foods like licorice, salt or grapefruit juice are strongly discouraged. Conversely, other nutrients are advised to stabilize blood pressure due to theour mineral wealth, like bananas, oatmeal … Better yet, a study carried out in 2012 suggested that the consumption of two daily servings of vitelotte potato would be enough to reduce high blood pressure by 4%!

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