Does the “health pass” expire for all Israelis who have not received a third dose?

Does the “health pass” expire for all Israelis who have not received a third dose?
Does the “health pass” expire for all Israelis who have not received a third dose?

Posts circulating on social media indicate that the “health pass” of Israelis who have not received a third dose of the vaccine is no longer valid. While Israel adapted its “Green Pass” regulations at the end of August, it is incorrect to say, for example, that those who have already been vaccinated twice will suddenly lose their passes for certain activities. In addition, a new regulation concerning the period of validity of the new Israeli “green pass” will not come into force until October 1st.

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The photo of an informational advertising visual displayed at a bus stop is posted on Instagram. On it, we can read: “NEWSFLASH BREAKING NEWS ISRAEL VACCINATED BECOME UNVACCINATED NEW COVID-PASS ONLY VALID FOR 3X VACCINATED”. The message which is translated into French above is clear: “In Israel, the vaccinated become the unvaccinated. The new health pass is only valid for triple vaccinated people“.

3 images

© Instagram screenshot

Where does this visual come from?

First of all, we tried to find where the image of this bus stop came from with the newspaper headline in advertising format.

After extracting the text from the image of the bus stop via Bing’s text-in-image detection function, we investigated whether the text presented as “informative” was from a media and if we could find it. more info on this by pasting the text into the search bar of Google or another search engine. No text published online seems to match, this indicates that it is probably a montage.

We then cut out only the part of the visual containing the image of the bus stop and submitted it to our Faky reverse image search engine. Among the results detected, a link to a Youtube video published in 2013 appears.

By the 19th second of this video, identified as featuring visuals from a beauty product ad campaign in London, we clearly recognize: the same London bus stop, buses on the left and passers-by on the right, exactly. in the same situation. The visual posted on social networks about the Israeli health pass is therefore identifiable as a photo montage.

3 images

These screenshots show that the image on the left is from the image on the right. © Instagram (G) and Youtube (D) screenshots

In addition, among the other links offered by Faky, several of them lead to Twitter accounts. This same visual is therefore used by several accounts. With a few clicks, we can go back to the oldest publication that uses this visual. This is’

. This account publishes messages opposing the vaccination against Covid-19 and calling for a return to the “sovereignty” of France.

An app that creates titles on demand

Another interesting element in the Tweet of the account “Le Réveil d’Atals”, the photo is a little larger and contains the mention (top right): “Created with The Headlines app”. Our first analysis is confirmed, the visual was created from scratch thanks to an application.

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A Google search tells us that the application “The Headlines” is available on the Apple App Store and allows in a few clicks to create false titles and visuals by taking them virtually in public space. It is therefore, in this case, a use of the tools available online to create fake news and circulate disinformation.

What about the validity of the “Green Pass” in Israel?

By researching official Israeli sources regarding the validity of the “Green Pass”, we can read on the Ministry of Health’s dedicated “Green Pass” page, updated on August 28, that people currently considered vaccinated or having been cured of the Covid and therefore eligible for the health pass are:

  • A person who has received two doses of the vaccine, within 6 months of the date of the second vaccination.
  • A person who has received three doses of the vaccine one week after the third vaccination.
  • A person who has recovered from coronavirus disease, within 6 months of the date of issuance of the certificate of recovery (a resolution regarding persons who have recovered more than 6 months after recovery and who have not been vaccinated is under review).
  • Anyone who has recovered from coronavirus disease and received at least one dose of the vaccine.

However, Israeli health passes already issued currently remain in effect, regardless of the date of the second dose received. There is, however, new legislation, passed at the end of August, which introduces from the beginning of October a new “Green Pass” which will take into account these new recognized statuses of “people vaccinated” or “cured of Covid-19”. And so, there is a lot of change to come.

As of Friday 1.10.2021, the expiration dates of the “Green Pass” will be updated in accordance with the updated definitions of people vaccinated / cured:

  • One person vaccinated with three doses: The “Green Pass” will remain in effect for six months from the date of the third vaccination.
  • A person vaccinated with two doses: The “Green Pass” remains valid for six months from the date of the second vaccination.
  • A person who has recovered from Covid: The “Green Pass” remains valid for six months from the date of the certificate of recovery.
  • Person cured of Covid and having received a dose of vaccine: The “Green Pass” remains valid for six months from the date of vaccination.

In addition, people showing a PCR test or a rapid test also benefit from the same access conditions as those holding the “Green Pass”, for seven days.


The new Israeli regulations on the “Green Pass” will not come into effect until October 1. In addition, people who have been vaccinated twice will continue to have a “health passport” valid for up to six months. This means that third dose boosters will gradually become necessary for those who received their second dose before April.

These people are also still considered “vaccinated”, but due to the Delta variant and the decline in effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine over time and an upsurge in coronavirus cases in the country, Israel considers a third dose to be necessary. needed six months after the second. Likewise, people who have been cured of Covid-19 are entitled to the “Green Pass” for six months after being considered recovered. A negative test for Covid-19 is and will also be accepted.

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Finally, there is no indication at present that the Israeli “sanitary passport” will remain in force for a long time. After being introduced for the first time in the world in his country last February, the “Green Pass” was withdrawn at the beginning of June.

These visuals which circulate on the web therefore present incomplete and distorted information.

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