The CHUM resumes its outpatient consultations

The CHUM resumes its outpatient consultations
The CHUM resumes its outpatient consultations

Patients who wish to consult a doctor at the Martinique CHU can do so again. Subject to the white plan since July 12, 2021, the Martinique hospital had completely eliminated outpatient consultations to direct all its resources to the fight against covid-19.

So the situation is improving very slowly in the hospital system, the management of the CHU intends to reopen as much as possible its offer of care to the population.

The organization of this recovery, essential for the population, must make it possible to provide a response to health needs in strict compliance with the safety principles applicable to the current health situation.

In order to avoid any risk of contamination, both for the consultants and for the professionals of the CHUM, several organizational measures will be implemented at the level of the external consultations.

Appointments are given from Monday to Friday. The admissions office facilitates “pre-admissions” for patients whose administrative documents are already registered, in order to limit queues at the counters.

On the day of the appointment, patients and carriers are asked to adhere to the specific appointment schedule. Any patient coming to his appointment must present himself alone (except in exceptional cases of children, disabled people, etc.) with a properly worn surgical mask and respect the barrier gestures. He will be greeted by a receptionist who will ask him to rub his hands with a Hydro Alcoholic Solution. It will then be oriented:

  • Either directly with the medical secretariat of the service concerned;
  • Or to an agent from the entry office who will check his pre-admission with his identity document.

If the patient arrives before their appointment time:

  • Either he will wait outside the establishment;
  • Either he will wait in the hospital exit lounge if he is not autonomous.

It should be noted that day hospital activities are also resuming.


CHUM resumes outpatient consultations

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