[Société] Covid epidemic: the CHU is sounding the alarm

[Société] Covid epidemic: the CHU is sounding the alarm
[Société] Covid epidemic: the CHU is sounding the alarm

In a press release, the Reunion University Hospital alerts the Reunionese population to the extreme tension weighing on its healthcare offer due to the deterioration of the health situation due to the COVID epidemic in Reunion. So much so that the transfer of patients to Metropolitan France or Mayotte is now an option that cannot be avoided.

“The situation has never been so serious”, once again underlined the prefect in front of the mayors meeting during a crisis unit which was held this morning. The CHU is going in the same direction. The explosion in the incidence rate in our territory (around 500 contaminations per day for several days against 200 during the previous “waves”), the emergence of the Delta variant, the relaxation of barrier gestures during school holidays and a vaccination rate of the population which remains very insufficient. alarming background elements“, notes its director, Lionel Calenge.

The inventory is kept. The CHU has armed 60 COVID medicine beds and reached its maximum number of 103 intensive care beds on 23 July. As a reminder intensive care occupancy rates have often exceeded 95% in recent weeks (out of 98 open beds). “This could have meant on certain days one or two beds available to manage all the vital COVID and non-COVID emergencies in the territory! This tension also concerns the other health establishments in the territory involved in a dynamic of solidarity management of the crisis. COVID, public establishments within the Groupement Hospitaliers de Territoire, and private clinics “, continues the director of the CHU.

Hospital services fear a deterioration of the situation in the coming days which would be felt in the CHU’s response capacity both to the COVID epidemic, but also in access to care for other pathologies. The CHU, which usually operates with 26 block rooms, only turns two-thirds of its surgical activity potential to provide resuscitation for trained personnel. Two additional block rooms were closed on July 23 to go from 98 to 103 intensive care beds. “This finding is very pejorative for the follow-up of patients with acute and chronic diseases because many patients have already been the subject of postponement of surgical interventions, even if emergencies and oncology are guaranteed”.

Faced with the contaminations curve, the CHU director fears saturation of hospital services. “The dilemma of taking charge of one category of patients rather than another could now arise in a dramatic way for our teams,” he warns. Already, the issue of transferring patients to mainland France or Mayotte is now an option that cannot be avoided.

And to launch an appeal to the population to be vaccinated “for quickly acquire collective immunity essential, in particular, for vulnerable people and not to take the risk of endangering those of our fellow citizens who need hospital care “, while recalling that more and more young patients are hospitalized in intensive care, with or without comorbidities, and that patients in intensive care are not vaccinated.


Société Covid epidemic CHU sounding alarm

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