Irène Frachon calls for vaccination without “any reservation”

Irène Frachon calls for vaccination without “any reservation”
Irène Frachon calls for vaccination without “any reservation”

Shocked to see her name taken over by anti-vaccines on social networks, Irène Frachon could not remain silent. The Breton pulmonologist, at the origin of the Mediator case, speaks clearly and unreservedly in favor of vaccination against Covid-19 in a column published in Le Parisien / Today in France Tuesday July 6. “My fight for the ban of the Mediator would be a guarantee not to accept the vaccination against the Covid, as if it were the same scandal. This amalgamation goes strictly against my values ​​and my approach. When it can harm public health, I find that dramatic “, she told France Bleu Breizh Izel, between two direct news channels.

“The arrival of these RNA vaccines was the immense good news of the year 2021 with an extremely impressive effectiveness, side effects which are often moderate without being completely negligible, some serious side effects especially with the AstraZeneca vaccine, but which despite everything remains a protective vaccine, explains Irène Frachon. So I’m absolutely devastated if, in some way, the Mediator thing is preventing people from being vaccinated because it’s counterproductive. ”

I understand the mistrust.

“However, I understand very well that the Mediator affair has led to great mistrust of citizens, health users, because we have seen a possible bankruptcy of the health authorities, the bankruptcy of a French laboratory, a certain impunity, links that endure between the scientific and medical world and a criminal laboratory, and therefore people no longer know which way to turn. And I understand them because in a way, even I, a doctor, share this mistrust. But I keep my bases of scientific critical analysis, those which allowed me to demonstrate that the Mediator was an extremely dangerous product. I looked at the studies made on the vaccines of the Covid, I find them of good quality and above all, there is a verification in real life, that is to say that the countries which vaccinate on a very large scale are indeed seeing a collapse in mortality linked to Covid “, underlines the Brest pulmonologist.

An unreserved appeal

Therefore, Irène Frachon calls “everyone to get massively immunized and I have absolutely no reservations in this appeal. This is not about faith or belief, it is about evidence-based medicine. It is thanks to that we have a life expectancy passed from 25 years to 90 years. We have to get out of it, we had three confinements, and we have not finished measuring the consequences. simple to be vaccinated than to be locked up at home. If we want to regain our freedom, our joy of living, we must be vaccinated and protected against the Covid. “

It’s not about faith or belief, it’s about evidence-based medicine.

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