Covid-19: Africa in the grip of a record of contaminations

Covid-19: Africa in the grip of a record of contaminations
Covid-19: Africa in the grip of a record of contaminations

Outbreak of Covid-19 cases in Africa. The continent has recorded an increase in contamination for several weeks. This alarming development has resulted in the detection of around 36,000 daily cases over the past seven days, a record on the continent since the start of the pandemic.

Zimbabwe, Tunisia and South Africa are the three countries in which the main increases were recorded. Counting more than 1,000 daily contaminations, they are of particular concern to the health authorities. Between them, they concentrate more than half of the new cases detected on the continent.

In the grip of the contagious Delta variant, South Africa is the country most affected by Covid-19 on the continent. The National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) recorded Friday “24,270 new cases of Covid-19, which bring to 2,019,826 the total number of laboratory-confirmed cases”. These figures exceed the previous 21,980 recorded in January 2021.

Faced with this third wave that President Cyril Ramaphosa describes as “a massive resurgence of contaminations”, new restrictions were announced on Sunday. Closure of schools, extension of the curfew, ban on gatherings and the sale of alcohol … Johannesburg is doing everything to counter this epidemic resurgence.

Covid could increase famine

This outbreak does not suggest an improvement in the overall health plan, in a continent where famine is raging in several regions. The pandemic having worsened undernourishment, eradicating hunger by 2030 – one of the Millennium Goals set by the UN – will be difficult to sustain, the United Nations Food Agency (FAO) said on Monday. and the OECD.

Several African states will be affected, particularly in the south. In sub-Saharan Africa, where 224.3 million people suffered from malnutrition during the period 2017-2019, “the food availability per capita is expected to increase by only 2.5% over the next decade to reach 2,500 kcal / day in 2030 ”, underline the two organizations.


Covid19 Africa grip record contaminations

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