Irène Frachon, the whistleblower of the Mediator, commits

The pulmonologist is known to have alerted to the dangerousness of the Mediator, finally obtaining the withdrawal of the appetite suppressant in 2009. Her name is sometimes invoked by the audiences most hostile to the Covid-19 vaccine. The doctor therefore took the decision to publish a forum favorable to vaccination in The Parisian this Tuesday.

Irène Frachon has proven it: she is not frankly afraid of going against the grain, nor of fighting against the pharmaceutical industry and even less lacking a critical mind or medical pedigree. The name of the pulmonologist is enough to recall the scandal of the Mediator, this appetite suppressant which she quickly suspected was the cause of heart problems and even deaths (their sum remains difficult to establish, although Inserm went as far as 2000), and was withdrawn from the market in 2009.

But lately, she has seen it associated with the anti-vaccine cause against Covid-19 and felt pulled by the sleeve by the most skeptical about the benefits of vaccination, some postulating that it would be hostile to injections from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Janssen, and other Moderna …

“However, it is quite the opposite that I think!” answers the doctor in a column published by Le Parisien dated Tuesday. In this text, the specialist unambiguously takes the side of vaccination: “Vaccinate those you love, vaccinate those you treat, vaccinate us, vaccinate yourself!”

Mediator and Covid: two very different situations

Recalling first of all that before any treatment, it is necessary to make the balance “benefit-risk”, it returns on its past investigations:

“In the case of the Mediator, between 2007 and 2009 I carried out research which was published in scientific journals, after validation of the results by a reading committee, made up of competent doctors and scientists. extreme dangerousness of the Mediator, have been confirmed by other independent scientific studies, all concurring. “

“The Mediator was therefore a very risky drug with no benefit for those targeted, diabetics and overweight,” she concludes. It then switches to examining the health situation imposed by the Covid-19: “As a pulmonologist, I observed the very serious forms that the Covid could take, with extensive damage that can destroy the entire lung tissue in a few days . “

“The benefit is proven and massive”

She then praises the “very high efficiency” of vaccines developed in Europe and already “administered to tens of millions of people”. It thus argues that this efficacy was “demonstrated in the studies carried out before their marketing authorization was confirmed by the analyzes carried out on large numbers of vaccinated population”. “The benefit is proven and massive”, supports Irène Frachon.

“Like any medical treatment, side effects can occur, which are rarely severe”, she concedes, however: “These are now well identified, due to the massive use of vaccination against Covid, and are subject to careful and transparent monitoring, unlike the example of the Mediator. ” She draws from this a lesson cited above: “Vaccinate those you love, vaccinate those you treat, vaccinate us, vaccinate yourself!”

Robin Verner BFMTV reporter

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