“We must arm medical offices, nurses” to relaunch vaccination, says Jérôme Marty

“We must arm medical offices, nurses” to relaunch vaccination, says Jérôme Marty
“We must arm medical offices, nurses” to relaunch vaccination, says Jérôme Marty

“We must arm doctors’ offices, nurses, and have teams on the move”, judge on franceinfo Thursday, June 24, the doctor and president of the French Union for Free Medicine, Jérôme Marty, while the pace of vaccinations has slowed in France in recent weeks and the government is considering compulsory vaccination for caregivers. According to the general practitioner, it is above all about “to do everything to discuss vaccination and to dispel the doubts that still persist in the nursing staff.”

franceinfo: This issue of compulsory vaccination is back, with this solemn appeal launched by the Prime Minister. How do you receive it?

Jérôme Marty: What is certain is that in the seventh month of the vaccination campaign, it is quite unacceptable that we are at non-vaccination rates of this importance. However, once we have talked about the obligation, we must look at all that this means. This means that the caregiver must be able to choose the means with which he is vaccinated. Then, what means of retaliation in the face of people who do not want to be vaccinated? We are going through an extremely important shortage of nursing staff and therefore, there is no risk of telling the nursing staff that if they are not vaccinated, they are not working. If not, who are we replacing them with?

Do we have other solutions today?

We have no other solutions, the solution is through mandatory meetings where we will do everything to discuss vaccination and dispel the doubts that still persist among nursing staff, from the stretcher bearer to the caregiver. , the nurse … Finally all the people who gravitate in the field of care. There may be people in this environment who have ideas about vaccination, who are poorly advised and with whom we must discuss.

Beyond the caregivers, there is a ceiling in the vaccination for the first injections … How to explain it?

First, there are people who could not be vaccinated reluctantly, especially elderly people who are alone at home. They are around 15% for those over 75 years old. We missed them because we did not have the tools in place to get the vaccine to the patient. When in fact, a lot of people live at home, and can’t get the vaccine, so you have to travel.

This problem has been pointed out for weeks. Are there still no solutions?

It’s very simple, you have to arm doctors’ offices, nurses and have teams on the move. We don’t have the equipment. For example, this week at the doctor’s office, I don’t have any vials, and I won’t have Moderna vials until July 2. It is not admissible. The Prime Minister says that vaccination must be speeded up, but we must be able to vaccinate in the office, and our nursing colleagues must be able to move around and be armed.

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