Bordeaux: anti-Covid-19 vaccination slots “blocked” by antivax?

Bordeaux: anti-Covid-19 vaccination slots “blocked” by antivax?
Bordeaux: anti-Covid-19 vaccination slots “blocked” by antivax?

The Bordeaux-Lac vaccination center had to completely reorganize. Monday, May 31, many appointments for vaccines against Covid-19 were indeed not honored, as reported by Sud-Ouest this Thursday, June 3. The prescribing doctor, Dr Patrick Ragot, underlines that “it is quite rare” that this phenomenon is so important during the same day: “about sixty appointments” did not see patients arriving. Only, the names of the “absent” put the chip in the ear of the doctor: they were names of celebrities.

“Clearly, this is an attempted hacking”, laments Dr. Ragot. This “real hacking strategy” emanates, according to him, “from an anti-tax group”. He, who is increasing the number of injections to curb the coronavirus epidemic, considers this method “boring for the most vulnerable people” who wish to be immunized against the virus, but sometimes “have trouble with digital tools”.

“The attempt was treacherous and it failed”, however welcomes the doctor. Indeed, thanks to the alerts on the various meeting platforms, “no dose” was thrown away by the Bordeaux vaccination center. “The sixty doses on the carpet were injected into young people,” says the doctor.

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“To die of a thrombosis, tomorrow I get vaccinated”

This is not the first attempt by antivaxes to undermine the vaccination campaign. From the launch of the “Quickly my dose” platform, created by Guillaume Rozier, vaccine refractors bought the Internet domain name to officially disseminate to inform citizens about the campaign, comments against the benefits of vaccination.

In Belgium, anti-vaccine activists have also acted by diverting a communication campaign aimed at the population. As LCI relayed, they made a mockery of health recommendations. “To die of a thrombosis, tomorrow I will vaccinate”, could one read on one of the posters shared on social networks. “I have 100% confidence in my government, tomorrow I will get vaccinated,” another quipped. Certain hijacked posters may have cast doubt on the quality of the cover and the similarity between the fonts.

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Bordeaux antiCovid19 vaccination slots blocked antivax

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