No COVID in the Islands since January

No COVID in the Islands since January
No COVID in the Islands since January

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PQ member Joël Arseneau questioned Tuesday about the absence of the Magdalen Islands region among the sectors that would go into the green zone next Monday. “There have been no new cases of COVID-19 reported since last January,” he said at the time.


Mr. Arseneau is right, even if four cases of coronavirus have been officially recorded in the Magdalen Islands since February.

Indeed, three of these four cases were not on the islands when they were declared positive, but they had a registered address on the archipelago, explained Jean Morin, Acting Assistant to the CEO and Media Relations. of the Gaspésie Integrated Health and Social Services Center.

The remaining case is a statistical adjustment to data from the Institut de la santé publique du Québec, the origin of which remains undetermined. According to Morin, it could be an old infection that had not been previously counted.

– Sarah Daoust-Braun


This is the number of people hospitalized in intensive care yesterday in Quebec. Of these, 45 are in greater Montreal.

We have to go back to October 8, 2020 to find such a low number of hospitalized patients. As of that date, 67 people were also in intensive care.

Every day since May 17, 2021, we can notice a constant decrease in the number of people in intensive care.

Quebec reached its record for people hospitalized on January 14, with 231 people in intensive care.

– Andrea Valeria

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