The Brits are preparing for the Covid exit

The Brits are preparing for the Covid exit
The Brits are preparing for the Covid exit

In the UK, case numbers are starting to fall and the government hopes it will be one of the first countries to enter the endemic phase. The legal restrictions could soon fall – also thanks to pressure from conservative backbenchers in the lower house.

Return to normal soon? In the UK, the government is preparing for the transition to the endemic phase.

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The affair surrounding lockdown parties at Downing Street puts Boris Johnson in acute distress. But she also recalls the restrictive corona regime Johnson imposed on the British in the first phase of the pandemic. Only in the course of the successful vaccination program did the pendulum swing. In the summer of 2021, Johnson announced the end of almost all corona restrictions, and in view of the omicron wave, Johnson imposed rather gentle measures in December – although according to media reports his cabinet colleagues prevented him from stricter restrictions. In England, masks are currently compulsory on public transport and in shops, there is an urgent recommendation to work from home and a certificate is required in accordance with the 3G rule for nightclubs and major events.

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