what proportion of vaccinated people have succumbed to the virus anyway?

what proportion of vaccinated people have succumbed to the virus anyway?
what proportion of vaccinated people have succumbed to the virus anyway?
A patient with Covid-19 in intensive care at the Avignon hospital (Vaucluse). Illustrative photo. (MARIE-AUDREY LAVAUD / FRANCE-BLEU VAUCLUSE / RADIO FRANCE)

More than 160 million Americans are vaccinated today. However, a very small part still succumbed to Covid-19. The data was released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Out of 100 million people fully vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna or one dose of Janssen between January and the end of April, nearly 10,000 still caught the virus. About 700 had to be hospitalized and 132 died from the disease. Almost 3,000 were asymptomatic. Most of them are women. The median age of those vaccinated people who still got the virus was 58 years old.

Out of 100 million people vaccinated, there are therefore 0.01% of people affected. But that doesn’t mean vaccines are 99.99% effective. Epidemiologists believe there are many more asymptomatics than these statistics show. But since these people had no symptoms, they did not go for testing. We understand why there is a difference with the efficiency percentages given by the laboratories.

But a month ago, the CDC decided to look only at the vaccination status of people hospitalized or deceased. We therefore no longer see if someone who has been vaccinated can still be positive for Covid-19. Scientists who follow the epidemic don’t really like that. This data would allow them to spot worrying signals if the number of vaccinees tested positive increased in a few weeks.

In France, these data are not public. This is what much regrets, Elias Orphelin, who runs the CovidTracker site with Guillaume Rozier and who would like to know this proportion. However, it suffices to link the Covid-19 screening database (the one which gives the number of cases, hospitalizations, resuscitations) and the database of people vaccinated anonymously, without revealing any medical secrets. But for the moment, on the ministry and administration side, we are talking about technical and legal obstacles.

An absence of harmful official statistics when it would allow a reliable and quantified argument to be given to those who still doubt the efficacy of vaccines.


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