Yoga against COVID? Indian doctors in fury denounce

Yoga against COVID? Indian doctors in fury denounce
Yoga against COVID? Indian doctors in fury denounce

Thousands of doctors wore black armbands in India on Tuesday demanding the arrest of a popular guru who claims yoga can prevent COVID-19 and conventional medicine has killed thousands of coronavirus patients.

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Baba Ramdev, founder of an empire of traditional medicine products, said last month that the pandemic had shown modern drugs to be “stupid, failed science” and that hundreds of thousands of people had “died from it. of allopathic medicine ”(conventional).

On Tuesday, “Black Day” of protest, photos on social media showed medics holding up signs calling for the arrest of “Quack Ramdev”, or wearing protective suits with the inscription StopRamdev on their backs.

Mr Ramdev, a supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, withdrew his remarks after an appeal from India’s health minister. But he had created a new scandal by declaring that he did not need the coronavirus vaccine because he was protected from it by yoga and traditional medicine (ayurveda).

His group, Patanjali Ayurved, is estimated at several hundred million dollars and sells everything from toothpaste to jeans in its ubiquitous stores around the country.

A few weeks ago, at an event attended by the Minister of Health, Mr Ramdev, who also owns a TV channel, launched a remedy called Coronil which the guru claims cures COVID-19.

The company – the 13th most trusted brand Indians, according to a ranking last year – had previously claimed to have cures for cancer.

Mr Ramdev also said he could “cure” homosexuality and AIDS.

The pandemic has killed at least 330,000 people in India, including more than 1,200 doctors, according to the Indian Medical Association.

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